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A lawyer with compassion and integrity, who has the heart of a lion and courage to fight for justice in your case. Joseph Charles has practiced law for over 40 years. He was born and raised in Phoenix. He has represented individuals and families in all types of legal matters. Joe has previously served as Maricopa County Prosecutor and Maricopa County Superior Court – Judge Pro Tem. His over 25 years legal experience can help you. Joe will share his experience, education and wisdom to help you in making a decision at the crossroads of your life. At a crossroads? Call Joe now at 602-377-9013 or 623-939-6546. Areas of service:
Bankruptcy/ Consumer Matters Family Law Wills / Trusts Criminal Law Personal Injury
Probate Guardianship / Conservatorship Adoptions Coaching, Counseling, Mediation
Bankruptcy/ Consumer Matters The stress of money worries can be extremely stressful, but there are often times – numerous alternatives. Call today for a quick and free review of your current situation. There may be other options other than bankruptcy. We have represented thousands of folks for over 25 years in regard to money problems. Call 602-377-9013 for a quick review of your current problem. Family Law For over 25 years our office has represented folks who are experiencing the issues of divorce. A divorce can sometimes be more difficult than a “heart attack”. Call for an immediate review of your current situation, there is no charge for this call. Don’t carry this burden alone any longer. Issues pertaining to your children, property, support can be reviewed today. Just a call 602-377-9013 for an immediate consultation. Wills / Trusts Recent surveys report that over 80% of the residents of Maricopa County do not have a will or a trust. It is important that everyone have a will/trust in this day and age. Call now for a discussion of your situation. There is no charge for this call. We have prepared thousands of wills and trusts for folks in our county. We also can do gun trusts as well. So call now 602-377-9013 for a free consultation. Criminal Law Being charged with any type of criminal matter is a serious matter. We have over 25 years of criminal law experience. We have represented individuals in all types of criminal matters from murder cases to traffic, DUI and DWI. So call now and have your matter immediately reviewed. Call 602-377-9013 – don’t wait! Personal Injury A serious car accident can permanently affect the injured party. We have represented folks for over 25 years in serious car accident cases. If you are not treated fairly by the insurance company, we will take your case to trial. It is important to obtain representation early in your matter. This is to preserve evidence and to get witness statements. There is absolutely no upfront charge to you for our services. We have represented folks in all types of injury cases including slip & fall, food poisoning, dog bites, mold and other types of cases. Call today for an immediate review of your matter. Call 602-377-9013 now! Probate Before starting private practice, I worked several years in our local Probate Court. Arizona was the second state to adopt the Uniform Probate Code. I have had over 25 years of helping families to navigate the legal process after the death of a loved one. Thus I can offer my training, education and experience in helping your family during this difficult time. I have helped families when there has only been a house involved but I have also helped a family of ten adult children with a 20 million dollar estate through the probate process. Are you at this crossroad in your life? Call 602-377-9013 for a free consultation. Guardianship / Conservatorship Guardianships can be required for children and adults. The legal process has become very difficult. This is not a process that you want to enter alone. We have been involved in thousands of guardianships over the past 25 years. Seek a free consultation today. Adoptions Adoptions are a special part of family life. However, like all legal matters adoption law has become extremely complex and difficult. We have been at the hospital on over a hundred cases, when babies have been delivered. We also participated in one of the first adult adoptions in Arizona. If your hoping to adopt as a step-parent, grandparents, or new parents – seek a free consultation today 602-377-9013. Coaching, Counseling, Mediation What would a lawyer know about counseling? After 25 years of listening to people’s problems, I went to graduate school to learn counseling skills. I have continued my school to better serve my clients. The current trend is to participate as a coach in many situations. A coach instructs, encourages and equips an individual to achieve their goals. This is especially true in helping youngsters, addicts and those in difficult marriages. A mediator is to be neutral. Mediation is an excellent way to resolve a conflict. Based on my training, education and experience, together we may be able to craft a solution that is a “win” for both sides. This may also save both sides from incurring huge legal fees.